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A supermarket or a corner shop. What are the advetages and disadvantages of each of t

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A supermarket or a corner shop. What are the advetages and disadvantages of each of them and which do you prefer?

It is hard to say which kind of shop is better. Both a corner shop and a supermarket has many advantages and disadvantages.

The corner shop is generally small and has friendly staff. Because it is not as big you cannot find there sophisticated products as you can find in supermarket. The staff usually know you very well. They know what are your favourite products, they can put aside things that you want to buy but do not have enough money now. It is very nice and useful. But in the other hand it is very hard to keep something in secret. For example it is realy difficult to buy beer, cigarettes or condoms in order to shop assistant did not

The supermarket is bigger than the corner shop and is better equipped. More people goes to these kind of shop. Everybody is anonymous for shop assistant. Price of a lot of products is very low. The competition of supermarkets is very good for customer. But despite these advantages the supermarkethas also got few disadvantages. A lot of products are not fresh. They lie on the shelfs and wait for a customer. Sometimes they can wait very, very long... Short-term products like bread or milk have to be in refrigerator but sometimes they are much too long there and past the sell-by date. The shop assistant often writes a new date and the product is "fresh" again...

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