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There are 3 types of powered Log Splitter

There are three types of powered wood splitters including manually, electric, and gas. Although most manually powered types are able to split the largest logs, they will take a considerable amount of time doing that and are therefore only practical for smaller splitting jobs. Electrical splitters, on the other hand, provide both power and convenience for most applications, as long as you have an outlet to plug into. Gas wood splitters are the real workhorses of the bunch and in most cases can be towed to the wood cutting site to split wood right where it falls. They come is a variety of sizes that will fit virtually any need, from the weekend warrior who splits wood for a campfire, to the hardcore logger who splits wood for profit. There's a [ Link do strony zewnętrznej. Zarejestruj się lub zaloguj aby zobaczyć link ] out there waiting for you and our buyer's guide provided below is a great place to start your search.
Electric log splitters are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to split logs. They burn no gas or oil, start with a push of a button, and deliver log splitting power. Their only real drawback is that they’re tied to an electric cord which is recommended to extend no longer than 100 feet. The most powerful log splitters will run on 220 volts of juice used with either a stove or dryer outlet, or have one installed in your garage or shed. But there are portable units running on 120 volts which are powered by portable electric generators. The best electric log splitters that made this list were judged on their exceptional power for splitting larger logs, as well as their ease of use, affordable pricing and their portability.
When it comes to log splitting, gas-powered log splitters are the standard and will last you decades if used properly. These are the tried and true bad boys featuring the most power and all you need is a can of gas to provide the energy. Available in a range of sizes, They’re also very portable since virtually all models have trailer wheels for hauling.
This list will focus on versatile models meaning they can split vertically, horizontally, even splitting wood so it’s lightweight. Each machines ease of use and overall practicality will also be taken into consideration to give you the best choices for any of your wood splitting needs. We’ve also included a model which gives you the most bang for your buck.
The most ecological and friendly way to split logs is with a manual log splitter. With no gas, oil or electricity to worry about, you can use these tools virtually anywhere such as at your favorite hunting cabin, on those rustic camping trips, for campfires or even at home for firewood.
Now, we aren't talking about axes and mauls here, since they all do a comparable job of splitting wood as long as your back holds out. The [ Link do strony zewnętrznej. Zarejestruj się lub zaloguj aby zobaczyć link ] on this list are either drop slide-hammer types or hydraulically activated types with handles. They offer a simplicity and effectiveness that can't be beat when you want to split a few logs for the fireplace, campfire, or stocking a pile of logs for a wood burning stove.

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